Protective measures against the new coronavirus infection - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

Protective measures against the new coronavirus infection

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our company.
As you may know from recent news reporting, the new coronavirus outbreak is currently causing great harm and chaos in many countries around the world.
Our thoughts are with those whose lives have been affected by the outbreak, and we hope that normal life can resume as soon as possible.


Our company and staff are refocusing on strengthening careful hygiene management so that customers are safe and comfortable coming on board.

The reason why Yakatabune Amitatsu is safe and secure

We take pride in "providing space safer and more secure than being at home."

  • 1. Social Distancing Measures

    In order to provide a safe and comfortable space, the number of seats has been halved, and seats have been allocated to allow more space.
    There is also no sharing of the table with other customers.

  • 2. All dishes are single serving

    All dishes are served as single servings and are not shared among multiple people.

  • 3. Air sterilization using ozone generator

    We use powerful air sterilizers that are installed in ambulances.
    Air sterilization using ozone generator
  • 4. Thorough wiping of surfaces to disinfect

    We use the "OPTIM 33TB WIPES" wet towel, which is also used in the medical field, to remove bacteria from all boats before leaving the ship. Thorough wiping of surfaces to disinfect
  • 5. Thorough health management of all staff

    We wash hands, gargle thoroughly, manage health with physical condition check sheets, and call out every morning.

  • 6. Requirement for all staff to wear masks

    As we are obliged to wear masks, we will wear masks and serve customers.

  • 7. Temperature checks of customers

    Before boarding the ship, we will take the temperature of each customer, disinfect with alcohol, and conduct a simple survey. Temperature checks of customers
  • 8. Good ventilation

    The ship has many windows, and customers themselves can easily open them.

  • 9. Microphone disinfection

    Microphones are disinfected. Microphone disinfection