Cherry-Blossom viewing Yakatabune - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

*The 2022 cherry-blossom viewing Yakatabune ended with favorable reception.

"Cruise boat" Cherry-Blossom viewing Yakatabune

cherry-blossom viewing Yakatabune


・To ensure social distance, we limit the number of passengers to about 30% of the capacity.
・A partition is installed for each table to prevent droplet infection.

Protective measures against the new coronavirus infection Protective measures against the new coronavirus infection


Lovery cherry-blossom viewing on the Yakatabune
Why don't you see cherry blossoms from the special seat?

*Please click button below for the page about the chartered boat that can be reserved for 15 or more adults

About chartered boat

【Sumida river cherry-blossom viewing course】departs from late March to early April

You can see the Sky-tree that is new sight of Tokyo at the cherry-blossom viewing course.

Departure schedule of a cruise boat

Booking cart confirmation / change

  • : Available
  • : Only a few seats left
  • : Full(Waiting list)
Date Meeting time Boarding location Booking status
March 31(Thu) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
March 31(Thu) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 1(Fri) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 1(Fri) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 2(Sat) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 2(Sat) 17:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 3(Sun) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki) Scheduled
April 3(Sun) 17:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 4(Mon) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 4(Mon) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 5(Tue) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 5(Tue) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 6(Wed) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 6(Wed) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 7(Thu) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 7(Thu) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 8(Fri) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 8(Fri) 18:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 9(Sat) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 9(Sat) 17:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 10(Sun) 11:30 Harumi (Kachidoki)
April 10(Sun) 17:45 Harumi (Kachidoki)

Since details are still described below, please check it.

Depending on the bloom situation, We will also visit Odaiba.(The berthing time will be shortened on the cherry-blossom viewing spot.)

Details of a cruise boat
The charge for one person

Adult : 11,000yen
Child (age 4-12): 5,500yen

* The price includes tax
* Children 3 years and under are free, however, meals and seats will not be provided. In this case, children have to sit on the lap of an adult.

* Sharing a boat cruise with other tourists.

* Bookable minimum 2 adults

The dishes

Only Standard course【Detail of the dish

* We also have the menu for vegetarians(Only the customer who hoped beforehand)

Please tell the number of people on the booking form.

The drinks
【 Drink:All you can drink 】
  • Beer
  • Japanese sake
  • Whiskey
  • Shochu(distilled spirits), Sweet potato Shochu , Wheat Shochu
  • White Wine, Red Wine
  • Sake with plums
  • Apricot Wine , Lychee Wine , Sweet Wine
  • Green Tea , Tea , CokeGinger ale, Orange Juice , Oolong Tea , Water ,
    Carbonated Water
Inboard photo
A partition is installed for each table to prevent droplet infection.

The photo is an example.

Boarding location Harumi(kachidoki)
Toei Oedo line Kachidoki station 5 minutes on foot

Tour course

Sumida river cherry blossom viewing course

Please understand depending on the blooming situation of cherry blossomsthe course might be changed to Odaiba Sky Tree Course

The required time

About 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Please refrain from use of Karaoke in the ride sharing boat.  
  • It's no smoking in the room of the boat.Please use the smoking location of the designation in the boat.

The flow of Booking

  1. Advanced booking is necessary, so please apply through the online booking or contact form.
    Payment should be made by credit card.
    * If you do not receive an e-mail within 3 days, there is a possibility of an e-mail error. Please contact us using a different e-mail address.
  2. We'll send the "Booking confirmation form" by e-mail or fax after confirming your payment. Please show the confirmation form when boarding the boat.
    * We will send "the meeting place map" and "the general instructions for the cruise "together, which will make the process easier for the first time customers.
  3. Please make sure to arrive at the meeting time that is shown in the table above.
    * Please note that customers arriving late may not be allowed to board the boat; in such case, there will be no refund.
Payment guide of a ride sharing boat



After you apply from the departure schedule (reservation cart) on this page, please pay as it is.
We accept the following credit cards:

Available credit cards

Cancellation fee of a dinner cruise boat
10 days to 3 days prior to boarding 20% of the total fare
2 days prior to boarding 50% of the total fare
1 day prior to boading 80% of the total fare
On boarding day. 100% of the total fare

Boat facilities (example)


Yakatabune godzilla

The outline of the boat

  • The number of people: 60 people-120 people
  • hori-gotatsu seat(Japanese-style drawing seat)/roof sky deck/ 4 gender-segregated bathrooms.
  • length: 30 m/width: 5.20m/ room extent :48 mats room/room height : 1m80cm
Yakatabune godzilla skydeck Yakatabune godzilla


Table seat-style boat(634 Musashi)

Yakatabune Musashi

The outline of the boat

  • The number of people: 20 people- 60 people
  • table seat/ sky roof deck/ 2 gender-separated bathrooms
  • length: 21m/width: 4.56m/ room extent: 32 mats room/ room height: 1m82cm
Yakatabune Musashi skydeck Yakatabune Musashi

When is the best season for cherry-blossom viewing in Sumida River?

cherry blossom someiyoshino

When the cherry blossoms are about to bloom every year, each meteorological company makes predictions about the flowering times in each region.
The cherry blossoms in Tokyo this year are expected to bloom from mid to late March. (Sakura flowering information reference:Japan Meteorological Agency official website )

Weekends of the last week of March and the first week of April will be very crowded so we recommend to contact us as soon as possible. 

If it will be blessed with the weather and temperature,We can enjoy the cherry blossom viewing for a long time until the second weekend of April.

cherry-blossom viewing landscape picture by a boat

Please see it in reference of a cherry-blossom viewing boat plan.

Sumida-river cherry-blossom viewing boat 

Sakuranamiki in Sumida-river embankment
《Cherry trees lined along the Sumida-river》
Sumida-gawa Bokutei One thousand cherry tree
《Tokyo sky tree and cherry tree》
The sun is setting gradually, and...
《The cherry blossoms by night are also special》
The cherry blossoms by night are also special
《Illuminated Tokyo sky tree and cherry tree》
We also have a noon cherry-blossom viewing tour
《We also have a noon cherry-blossom viewing tour》


  • E-Mail will be answered between 10:00-19:00 (this is not an automatic booking survice)
  • Without receiving an answer from within 3 business days, please e-mail to "" or e-mail to Booking form again.
  • Please note: The booking will be complete only after we send you a confirmation e-mail.

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