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"Ride sharing boat" Fireworks Yakatabune (2018)

Fireworks Yakatabune2018


The roof top of boat is a spacious skydeck!You can see fireworks with a panoramic view

Booking and Contact

Departure schedule of a ride sharing boat of fireworks

event name
The charge for
one person
The status of
Adachi fireworks
July 21
Adult : 26,500yen
schoolchild :
fireworks event
July 24
Adult : 18,000yen
schoolchild :
fireworks event
July 29
Adult : 39,000yen
schoolchild :
Koto fireworks event Aug 1
Adult : 19,500yen
schoolchild :


fireworks event
Aug 4
Adult : 29,500yen
schoolchild :
Tokyo Fireworks Festival 2018
Aug 11
Adult : 25,800yen
schoolchild :

◎○:Available △:Almost full ×:Waiting list

※We'll confirm the reservation from 2 or more persons.

※All the indicated prices include tax.

The flow of Booking

  1. Our boat is by advance booking only, so please apply in your booking and the contact form.
  2. We'll send the "Booking confirmation form" by e-mail or fax after confirming your payment.Please show the confirmation form at the time of boarding the boat.
    We'll also send "the meeting place map" and "the general instructions of the boat" all together, which will make the process easier for first time customers.
  3. Please arrive at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the boat's departure from the designated location.
    ※ With regard to Tokyo Fireworks Festival 2018 EDO MODE, Please arrive at least 15minutes prior to the departure.
    ※ Please note that late arriving customers may not be allowed to board the boat; in such cases, there will be no refund.
Payment guide of a ride sharing boat
Method of payment

The following credit cards

Available credit cards

※ We do not accept the cancellation after the payment.


Guide of boarding area

Please make certain to check from which pier you are departing.

Azumabashi (Asakusa)



〔Address〕 1-23 tisaki Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
〔Train〕 TOBU SKYTREE Line: 5minutes walk from Asakusa station
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: 5minutes walk from 5 exit of Asakusa station
TOEI Asakusa Line: 5minutes walk from A5 exit of Asakusa station
TOEI Asakusa Line: 5minutes walk from A3 exit of Honjo-azumabashi station
TOBU SKYTREE Line: 11minutes walk from the main entrance of TOKYO SKYTREE station
TSUKUBA EXPRESS:15minutes walk from Asakusa station





〔Address〕 3-1-1tisaki, Harumi , Chuo-ku, Tokyo
〔Train〕 TOEI Oedo Line: 5 minutes walk from A3 exit of Katidoki station





〔Address〕 4-1-20, Nishimizue, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
〔Train〕 TOEI Shinjuku Line: 3minutes walk from A3 exit of Ichinoe station


Our service of ride sharing boat of fireworks

Details of a ride sharing houseboat
The dishes
【 Menu 】
  • Vinegared Mozuku Seaweed
  • Eggplant with dengaku miso
  • Thick omelet
  • Smoked salmon Marinade
  • Egg Custard
  • Japanese Surf Clam Salad
  • Simmering of conger eel
  • Assorted Sashimi
  • Tempura An assortment (7 pieces)
    (White fish, shrimp, conger eel, squid and3 seasonal vegetables)
  • Mixed Rice with Octopus and Scallop
  • Seasonal fruits
    (Pineapple orange)

※ All of the above is the current menu.
The items on the menu may change depending on season.

※We will not serve just fried Tempuras because use of fire is prohibited in a firework event.

【 Drink:All you can drink 】
  • Bottled beer ※ KIRIN Ichibanshibori
  • Sake ※ Kizakura Kuroshishi
  • Whiskey ※ KIRIN Fujisanroku
  • Distilled spirits (with plum/with lemon) ※ Mercian TAKUMA
  • Potato shochu ※ Maboroshinotsuyu
  • Barley shochu ※ HAKUSUI
  • White wine and red wine※ FURANJIA (made in California)
  • Apricot liquor ※ Ei-SHO-GEN
  • Lychee liquor ※ Ei-SHO-GEN
  • Plum liquor ※ CHOYA
  • Green tea
  • Coke
  • Orange juice
  • Oolong tea
  • Mineral water
  • Sparkling water
  • We are preparing foods every group, but a table will be a shared by 2-8 people.
  • It's no smoking in the room of the boat.Please use the smoking location of the designation in the boat.
  • The river will be very busy at the fireworks event. We are not able to fix the time of a disembarkation for the safty.Though it depends on the event, The time of disembarkation seems to be about 21:30 to 22:30.
  • Even if fireworks event will be cancelled due to a bad weather or other reasons, we will depart as a normal cruise(Nouryo-sen) with standard fee(The difference will be refund). Regarding to the cancellation after starting of the event, you shall pay full fee.Please kindly note that.
    After arriving on the event place,if the fireworks display is cancelled due to rain,the fee will be as below.
    (The difference between fireworks fee and standard fee)×50% + standard fee ※ example:sumida-river ¥24,900(with tax)
    ※If we will decide to not depart because it will be dangerous due to typhoon or storm,we will announce the cancellation on our website by around noon.(In such a situation,the full fee will be refund).Even if the fireworks event will be held,as long as we are not able to depart due to bad weather,it will same as above.
  • As it will be a long boat ride,if you are anxious about seasickness, you had better to prevent from it to take a medicine in advance.
  • Please refrain from bringing a big baggage because the belongings sould be only put on a seat or under the foot.
  • We will recommend to bring snacks (except of raw or strong smelling foods) because of a long boat ride.

Booking and Contact

Booking and Contact

  • E-Mail will be answered between 10:00-19:00 (this is not an automatic booking survice)
  • Without receiving an answer from within 3 business days, please e-mail to "" or e-mail to Booking form again.
  • Please note: The booking will be complete only after we send you a confirmation e-mail.

Boat facilities (example)

There are 8 boats owned by AMITATSU. In this web page, we will introduce 2 of them.
Our company will make an arrangement of the boat which you will be on board,
by the number of customers of the day.



The outline of the boat

  • The number of people: 60 people-120 people
  • hori-gotatsu seat(Japanese-style drawing seat)/roof sky deck/ 4 gender-segregated bathrooms.
  • length: 30 m/width: 5.20m/ room extent :48 mats room/room height : 1m80cm
sky deck of GODZILLA side of GODZILLA
hori-gotatsu seat of GODZILLA
Spacious shipboard
hori-gotatsu seat of GODZILLA
convenient hori-gotatsu seat(2 lines×7 tables)

Table Seat-style boat (634-Musashi)

Japanese-style room boat (No.12 AMITATSUMARU)

The outline of the boat

  • the number of people: 20 people-60 people
  • table seat/ roof skydeck /2 gender-segregated bathrooms
  • length:21m/width: 4.56m/ room extent:32mats room/room height :1m80cm
sky deck of No.12 AMITATSUMARU side of No.12 AMITATSUMARU
table seat of No.12 AMITATSUMARU table seat of No.12 AMITATSUMARU


Reservation questions and answers of a fireworks boat

Q.How many days before should I make a reservation?


Reservation of sharing boat will be available after the end of Golden Week.

Q.Reservation method of a fireworks boat?


Please make a reservation from the mailform of this webpage.
Please pay the full fee within 1 week after the reservation.

Q.From how many people can make a reservation?


About the fireworks event,the reservation is possible from 2 people.

Q.Why is the charge for a fireworks boat high?


The fee is different from a normal cruise.We will depart rather early to secure the place where guests can see more easily fireworks.Therefore, The time required is about 6 hours which is more than twice as long as a normal cruise.
Since many boats more than usual gather in a small river at the fireworks event, We are particularly taking the security into consideration to increase the number of staff and arrange them in each boats.


Booking and Contact

Booking and Contact

  • E-Mail will be answered between 10:00-19:00 (this is not an automatic booking survice)
  • Without receiving an answer from within 3 business days, please e-mail to "" or e-mail to Booking form again.
  • Please note: The booking will be complete only after we send you a confirmation e-mail.


Reservations and inquiries