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Departure schedule of a dinner cruise boat

dinner cruise boat schedule

Departure schedule

*Due to the spread of the Covid-19, shipping may be suspended.

*The schedule below is the schedule for Dinner cruise boat. Chartered boats can be reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during the year-end and New Year holidays.

* We accept reservations from three months in advance.

*Please make a reservation by 15:00 the day before for lunch and by 12:00 on the day for dinner. For reservations after that time, please check availability using the contact form before making a reservation.

【 Course 】
Odaiba Skytree Cruise
* On August 11th, "Toro Nagashi" will be held, so it will be the Odaiba Rainbow Course. The departure and arrival pier is [Harumi].

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Fee [Odaiba Skytree course]

One (1) Adult: 13,000yen
Children(age 4-12): 6,500yen

* The prices for the fireworks Yakatabune and Star Island fireworks Yakatabune are different.
* The price includes boarding fees, food, drinks,service fee and taxes.
There are no additional charges for regular use.
* Children under the age of 4 are free and we do not offer seats and food.

Standard Course Meal

  • Appetizers
  • Sashimi
  • Simmered dish
  • Salad
  • Meat dish
  • Steamed dish
  • Fried dish
  • Meal
  • Dessert

*These are current menu items.
Please note that menu items are subject to change due to seasonal menu changes and availability of ingredients.

Regarding meal changes

Vegetarians and those with food allergies may change their meals by informing us at the time of reservation.

Reservations can only be made by 5:00 p.m. the day before embarkation.

A fee of ¥1,000 (tax included) per person will be charged for meal change.

If you are a vegetarian or have food allergies, please mention them in the comments section of the Booking form and we can make the meal changes for you.

Examples of Vegetarian Menu


*Photographs are only an example.

Notes regarding meal changes
  • The following changes can be accommodated. Please note that we are unable to accommodate any changes other than those listed below.
    1. Vegetarian menu(no eggs or bonito broth)
    2. No raw fish
    3. No seafood (including bonito soup stock)
    4. No crustaceans or shellfish
    5. No meat
    6. No beef
    7. No chicken
    8. No pork
  • Please keep in mind that we may be unable to satisfy extreme food allergy demands.
  • Please be advised that while the meal is produced in the same kitchen as other dishes, a trace amount of allergies may be present
  • Kindly be aware that we might not be able to fulfill requests regarding meal preferences.
Drink All-you-can-drink is included in the fee.

乗合船用 飲み放題


  • Draft beer
  • Kirin Lager medium bottle
  • Asahi Super Dry medium bottle


  • Masanoha

[Shochu(distilled spirits)]

  • Kurokirishima(Sweet potato)
  • Hakusui(Wheat)
  • Pickled plum sour
  • Shochu with oolong Tea
  • Shochu with green tea
  • Takara Shochu with soda / with water


  • Kaku
  • Whitehorse

[House Wine (Frontera Chile)]

  • White・Red

[Fruit Sour]

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Red Grapefruit


  • Cassis and Orange
  • Cassis and Soda
  • Cassis and Oolong tea

[Sake with plums]

  • On the rocks
  • With soda

[Soft drink]

  • Cola
  • Orange Juice
  • Ginger ale
  • Ramune
  • Oolong Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Coffee(ICE /HOT)
Ship's Interior

*Photographs are only an example.
*Boats that are chair-table type or kotatsu style cannot be distinguished from one another.

Boarding place Please note that the boarding point differs depending on the schedule.
Azumabashi (Asakusa) pier 5minutes from Asakusa station.
[Map is here ]
Harumi Boarding Terminal
5 min. walk from Kachidoki Station on the Toei Oedo Line
[Map is here
Trip Itinerary Odaiba Sky Tree course(Year-round)
Trip Duration About 2.5 hours
Reservation requirement for minimum number of persons. 15 people(20 people on Fridays and Saturdays in July and August)
  • Karaoke is not permitted to use on the Yakatabune.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the tatami rooms. Please use the designated smoking areas on board.
Payment Details for Boarding Yakatabune
Payment Method

[Credit Card]

Please proceed to the reservation site from the departure schedule on this page and make your payment as it is after you have applied.
*Please note that if you do not pay immediately, we will not be able to reserve your booking.

The flow of Booking

  1. Advanced booking is necessary, so please apply through the online booking or contact form.
    Payment should be made by credit card.
    * If you do not receive an e-mail within 3 days, there is a possibility of an e-mail error. Please contact us using a different e-mail address.
  2. We'll send the "Booking confirmation form" by e-mail or fax after confirming your payment. Please show the confirmation form when boarding the boat.
    * We will send "the meeting place map" and "the general instructions for the cruise "together, which will make the process easier for the first time customers.
  3. Please make sure to arrive at the meeting time that is shown in the table above.
    * Please note that customers arriving late may not be allowed to board the boat; in such case, there will be no refund.
Payment guide of a ride sharing boat


Please pay the full fee within 1 week after the reservation.

Cancellation fee of a dinner cruise boat
10 days to 3 days prior to boarding 20% of the total fare
2 days prior to boarding 50% of the total fare
1 day prior to boading 80% of the total fare
On boarding day. 100% of the total fare


Guide for boarding area

Please make sure to check which pier you are departing from.

Azumabashi (Asakusa)



※Harumi is used only in cherry blossom season 

Booking and questions

contact form

* E-Mails will be answered between 10:00-17:00 (this is not an automatic booking service)

* If you do not receive any answer within 3 business days, please e-mail us to "info@amitatsu.jp" or e-mail to Booking form again.

* IMPORTANT: The booking will be complete only after we send you a confirmation of reservation e-mail.