Amitatsu Info Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Tokyo Asakusa Sky Tree & Daiba sightseeing

Yakatabune AMITATSU

Amitatsu Info Entries


      It is a TOKYO SKYTREE of special lig...(Read More

  2. Looks delicious

      This picture is the cooking course men...(Read More

  3. Today is...

      It was heavy rain yesterday. It is su...(Read More

  4. Yozakura

      This photo was taken during the cherry...(Read More

  5. 634(Musashi)

      It is a Japanese-style boat 634(Musash...(Read More

  6. It is a beautiful.

    It is a photograph of the sunset and YKATABUNE...(Read More

  7. Last night....

      Last night’s SKYTREE lighting is...(Read More

  8. It is a picture on the yakatabune

      We will also offer table seathing in...(Read More

  9. Sunset

      A photo of a very beautiful sunset. &...(Read More

  10. Reiwa

        The photo was taken the othe...(Read More


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