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Amitatsu Info Entries

  1. By professional photographer....

      These are photos taken by ...(Read More

  2. Night view

      These are night views that can be ...(Read More

  3. To secure a spot

    Amitatsu’s Yakatabune finds the best place...(Read More

  4. Edogawa fireworks

    Fireworks that began in the dim night sky. ...(Read More

  5. Morning assembly

      Morning assembly is essential ev...(Read More

  6. Koto Fireworks display

      Everyone enjoyed watching th...(Read More

  7. The 41th Adachi Fireworks

      Adachi Fireworks display was hel...(Read More

  8. What is favorite piece?

    TOKYO SKYTREE that shows various expressions. &...(Read More

  9. Amitatsu's Dishes

    This is standard course Banquet dish. This ...(Read More

  10. Defibrillator

        We also install defibril...(Read More


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