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Departure schedule of a dinner cruise boat (Second page)

* Departure schedule for dinner cruise boats is available for the next 3 months.
* We operate cherry blossoms viewing cruises twice a day (daytime and nighttime).

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Date Meeting time Boarding location Booking status
November 9(Wed) 18:45 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
November 12(Sat) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
November 13(Sun) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
November 19(Sat) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
November 22(Tue) 18:45 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
November 23(Wed) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
November 27(Sun) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
December 4(Sun) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
December 24(Sat) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)
December 29(Thu) 17:15 Azumabashi (Asakusa)

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