September 2019 Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

Yakatabune AMITATSU

September 2019 Entries

  1. One of my favorites

      My favorite photo.   The TOKYO ...(Read More

  2. Amitatsu's Yakatabune

      My favorite photo. The reason I...(Read More

  3. At the cruise of the Yakatabune ....

      A view of a Yakatabune cruise. The ph...(Read More

  4. The coming season

      It seems that you can see the night vi...(Read More

  5. The view from the Yakatabune

      The view from the Yakatabune is beautifu...(Read More

  6. Two customers who came on a honeymoon.

    Two  customers from ltaly on their honeymoo...(Read More

  7. It's beautiful.

    The scenery at sunset is also beautiful. Yakata...(Read More

  8. Photos at sunset

      The scenery with the sunset is beaut...(Read More


      This is “GODZILLA”,a large...(Read More

  10. Collage photo

    The Tokyo SKYTREE  seen from a Yakatabune i...(Read More


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