February 2022 Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

February 2022 Entries

  1. Chartered Pink Sweets Yakatabune

      With a capacity of up to 25 people per...(Read More

  2. Private BBQ on the Chartered boat

    A cruise over the beautiful waters of the Odai...(Read More

  3. Introduction of our boat "Yamato"

    This boat is one of our boats, called Yamato, ...(Read More

  4. Sightseeing course of a dinner cruise boat①Daiba Sky tree course

      "Daiba" and "Tokyo Sky Tr...(Read More

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!

     Speaking of Valentine's day in japan, ...(Read More

  6. Protective measures against the new coronavirus infection

    Our company and staff refocusing on strengthning...(Read More

  7. Sakura season is coming soon...

      It's still cold outside, but now y...(Read More

  8. Japanese pot dish "Sukiyaki Nabe"

    We will prepare a warm "Sukiyaki Pot"...(Read More