August 2019 Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

Yakatabune AMITATSU

August 2019 Entries

  1. Tokyo night view

    This is a picture of Rainbow Bridge.   ...(Read More

  2. Sumida River Bridges

    Announced that “Komagata Bridge”, &l...(Read More

  3. It's a concert

        These are pictures of th...(Read More

  4. Boarding staff

        They are boarding staff ...(Read More

  5. Edogawa Fireworks

        You can also enjoy the fir...(Read More

  6. View from the Yakatabune

    Tokyo night view.   A night view of O...(Read More

  7. By professional photographer....

      These are photos taken by ...(Read More

  8. Night view

      These are night views that can be ...(Read More

  9. To secure a spot

    Amitatsu’s Yakatabune finds the best place...(Read More

  10. Edogawa fireworks

    Fireworks that began in the dim night sky. ...(Read More


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