January 2023 Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

January 2023 Entries

  1. My Favorite Photo

      This is one of my favorite pictures. ...(Read More

  2. Ohanami Yakatabune

      We now have a reservation page for Oha...(Read More

  3. The Deck of Yakatabune

    This is a picture of the deck of Yamato. On ...(Read More

  4. An appetizer

      This is a photo of an appetizer. The ...(Read More

  5. Ferris Wheel in Odaiba

      The Ferris wheel in Odaiba is a very p...(Read More

  6. Warm Winter

    A few years ago it would have snowed in Tokyo,...(Read More

  7. Ferris Wheel in Odaiba

    Ferris wheel in Odaiba   The Ferris wheel...(Read More

  8. Spring Season

      As the new year begins, I am suddenly ...(Read More

  9. New Year's Greetings

    How did you spend your New Year's holiday?...(Read More