October 2022 Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

October 2022 Entries

  1. Winter Hot Pot Meals

      It's getting cooler. We offer hot...(Read More

  2. Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks Special Page

    Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks special page is now a...(Read More

  3. Winter Hot pot meals

  4. Year-end party

      Karaoke is available for free on chart...(Read More


      You can see a fountain show in Odaiba....(Read More

  6. Our Staff

        Our staff is very energetic ...(Read More

  7. Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2022 to be held December

      Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks will be held ...(Read More

  8. In The Fall

      Why not try freshly fried tempura and ...(Read More

  9. Health and Sports Day

      This week is a three-day weekend. BBQ...(Read More

  10. In The

      Why not try freshly fried tempura and ...(Read More