Amitatsu Info Entries - Yakatabune AMITATSU / Dinner cruise Tokyo Asakusa & Daiba sightseeing

Yakatabune AMITATSU

Amitatsu Info Entries

  1. Sunset

      A photo of a very beautiful sunset. &...(Read More

  2. Reiwa

        The photo was taken the othe...(Read More

  3. The new era is...

    It became the new era name.   In Japan,we...(Read More

  4. One day ...

      It is the service scene of the staff o...(Read More

  5. A letter of appreciation

      They received a letter of than...(Read More

  6. Special lighting

      The special lighting image of TOKYO SK...(Read More


       Thousand cherry blossoms of Sumi...(Read More

  8. Moon.....

        The full moon and TOKYO Skytree ar...(Read More

  9. Beautiful night scene

      It’s so beautiful.   How abou...(Read More

  10. Wrap-up party

    It was wrap-up party by the employees.   ...(Read More


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